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Cetinkaya Metal Ticaret A.S. was founded by Ibrahim CETINKAYA in 1982. The partners of the company consist of the members of Cetinkaya family. The company has become one of the leading corporations in the nonferrous metals sector in Turkey with its knowledge, background and potential from its establishment to the present day. The company has continued to increase its customer portfolio and product range day by day. Trust in product quality and relationships is given particular importance for the customer satisfaction both in Turkey and the international arena. Innovations in our sector and expectations of our customers are closely followed by our sophisticated and experienced staff. Our website has been revised and re-launched in order to better serve to our manufacturer and wholesaler customers and facilitate our relations.
Our Firm founded an aluminum billet foundry in 1995 and entered into the sector. It has offered service to the sector by founding special alloyed billets until 2005.In 2005, it started to produce special alloyed industry profiles for which it has difficulty in its production in Turkey by establishing 1800 Tones of extrusion profile plant. Our firm produces industry profiles that are suitable particularly for 2000-5000-6000-7000 series metal cutting, require high resistance and profiles intended for defense industry.Our products are subjected to various tests in every stage of production from the founding stage to the profile form, our products whose quality controls are conducted in laboratory environment are produced with alloys complying with world standards.Our Firm provides the necessary technical support by giving test and analysis reports accompanied with the product after the sale. Our objective is to be the wanted name of the sector in the long term by further strengthening our place in the sector with difficult alloyed profiles we produce. In this regard, our firm takes making production pursuant to Total Quality Management philosophy and keeping the customer satisfaction at top level as a principle and it has international quality system certificates.We are operating at 27,000 square meters of open area and 14,000 square meters of closed area totally.Our firm has increased its monthly production capacity to 1400 Tones with the commissioning of 2750 tones of extrusion presses and 1100 tones of extrusion presses in 2009. Our firm is able to make one piece profile production up to 14 meters after the new press installations.Finally, 2000 tones of 1 indirect extrusion press we placed its order previously within the framework of investments we made started to production in February 2015.
As a Korumaz Kardesler Aluminium Industry Incorporated Company, we are producer of flat Aluminium since 1972. Our manufacturing factory is in the size of 4000m2 indoor and 3000m2 open areas suitable for Aluminium rolled produce manufacturing disk, cerite, triangle shape, hexagon, octagonal, octagonal, plate, argyle, patterned plate and flat aluminium produce as well as in casting line 40 mm* 800mm 37mm* 550mm 37mm 700mm as required in size and thickness can be manufactured. Within our existent lab, we can produce chemical and physical test which approved and accepted by international standards and custom specifications. We do constantly invest in research and development to improve the quality of our products Our business engaged in production accordance at international norms and currently a holder of the followings accredited certifications; High Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 Work health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007
Founded in 1979, Mesa Makina looks back on a long tradition of casting and today has become one of the prominent OEM part producer in providing machined castings. Mesa Makina has the vision of being a regional leader by making a difference in its field. Behind the success of Mesa Makina there lies a customer-focused production that exactly meets customer demands with an expert staff. Our business activities are beyond the production of high-quality and hard-to-do castings. Our Process R&D team provides comprehensive support to his customers from production development stage. More then 160 skilled employees with 10 Engineers and 10 Expert technicians at Mesa Makina give detailed attention to their particular jobs as manual working man or expert techinicians and engineers. Having the ISO TS 16949 quality management system, the range of casted materials offered by Mesa Makina varies from grey cast iron and spheroidal cast iron to SiMo and high nickel alloys and wear resistant high-chromium white iron. Machining is offered on all parts, and inspection and testing available includes Ultrasonic, X-ray, Magnetic particle inspection and others. With a production capacity of 12,000 tons of castings, we produce unit weigths of 3–60 kg of machine moulded castings with high-pressure vacuum technology. In addition to plant and machinery investments, Mesa Makina keeps his investments on quality and tranining of employees which he gives great importance. The IVECO (OTOYOL) quality award received in 2003 and ISO TS 16949 certificate gained in 2008 demontsrates the emphasis given on quality. Started production to OEM parts in 1984 with exhaust manifolds, today Mesa Makina enjoys exporting to 80 % of its production to automotive, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, defense, mining and energy industries in 3 continents, Europe is being in the first place. Being a member of UN Global Compact, Mesa Makina seeks to maximize his market recognition not only in Turkey but also in the regional and global context by the focusing to export its products to five continents.
Founded in 2000 T.M.S. has operating 2000m2 closed area producing certified brass rods T.M.S. ' experienced workers and highly equipped management team is offering best service, quality and price. T.M.S. Brass Rod Industry and Trade. Co. sales portfolio of all aluminum plate aluminum profiles, all kinds of bar stainless steel profiles, profiles, rods, sheets types of brass rods and flat products, brass plate types, bronze plates and rods